Podcasts are taking off; so much so that they’ve even got their own day (International Podcast Day is 30th September). The US leads the way with 50% of all households identify as podcast fans. Active podcast listeners in the UK are smaller but growing; 23% of the UK population, mainly millennials, listening to a podcast in the last month (data from March 2018). With over 500,000 podcasts active, there is something for everyone, but where to start? We’ve listed our favourite business-focussed podcasts as a starting point for small business owners and marketers at SMEs. Go on, dive in!

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

As a social media specialist, we have to start with a social media podcast! This is a long-running, reliable podcast. The show is engaging, easy to listen to and filled with good advice for businesses wanting to get the most out of their social media presence. This one is aimed at time-poor marketers and business owners. It’s a good one for your morning commute – you’ll be raring to go by the time you arrive at the office.

Conversations of Inspiration, Holly Tucker

British Business Icon Holly Tucker from notonthehigstreet.com interviews various business people to discover nuggets of inspiration which she hopes will inspire others to pursue their dreams. This is a relatively new podcast, but episodes so far include interviews with the founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company, Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella and Molly Gunn, founder of Selfish Mother. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners, although the episodes we’ve listened to are so good, we think they are worth a listen to, whoever or wherever you are!

The Extraordinary Business Book Club, Alison Jones

Alison Jones’ beautiful voice makes this one a balm for your ears. This podcast examines business books from both a writer and reader’s point of view and, at the same time, covers a huge gamut of business issues and advice. We recently listened to the social media episode with Michelle Carvill, about how leaders should do social media, and found it full of useful content – ideal for business owners and senior management wanting to start representing themselves and their company more effectively in the social ecosystem.

An honourable mention must also go the Socialette podcast as well. Presented and written by Steph Taylor, an Australian entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. It’s a bite-sized (7 minutes on average) dive into digital marketing. Each episode is clearly labelled with the content, so you can easily pick and choose what to listen to based on your issue or question or knowledge gap. We found it full of simple, common sense advice for small business owners who do not have marketing expertise in-house.

You can find these podcasts via the Podcast app, iTunes or your favoured podcast provider. Do let us know what you think and which podcasts you would recommend if not mentioned here.