Have you tried Facebook Advertising?

It's hard, right? Should you boost a post, target an interest-based audience or a lookalike audience based on your facebook pixel, there are so many choices... Is it your creative letting you down or are you paying over the odds, how do you know?

We get that Facebook is complex but that's why we love it and more importantly why you should be using it. Facebook has accumulated a vast amount of data on their users and this is all available for you to use and be hyper-targeted with your message and advertising spend. After all, why spend money advertising to prospects who are not going to be interested in your product or service - that would be crazy, surely?

Besides the ultra smart targeting, there are multiple ad formats you can try (believe us, testing options is vitally important), retargeting tricks, and some fascinating analytics. The best part? You can test and amend in real time and stop the ad spend if your ads are still plummeting, that's not so easy with other advertising formats.

We know it's complex and confusing, which is why we have a suite of services to support you with your Facebook advertising. From a basic audit to see where you could improve, power hours and training through to full Facebook Ads strategy and implementation. Let us help you get the most from your ads at the best possible cost for your objective.

Facebook Advertising Strategy and Implementation

Facebook advertising is complicated! Yet, it's almost impossible to get visibility from your target audience on Facebook without it. What's more, it is a powerful and cost-effective advertising platform in its own right, once you understand the intricacies with detailed targetting and retargeting options and multiple ad formats to meet almost any business objective. Whether B2C or B2B your audience will be on there and we can help you to reach them.

We have many support options for those of you who wish to manage your ads yourself but if you really want to take it to the next level, then get in touch and ask about our Facebook Ads management service where we will use our expertise to build you a successful Facebook Advertising campaign.

Prices start at £650 pcm excluding advertising budget, plus a set-up fee based on work required.

Facebook Ads Incubator

Think you may need more than an hour? Need someone to bounce ideas off? Or just prefer to know that someone has your back?

Our Ads Incubator service is what you need. Offered in blocks of 3 hours, this is a consultative service which you can use in manageable bite-sized chunks as you need them. Sessions are a minimum of 30 mins per session and must be used within 3 months. 

Facebook Ads incubator £350 for 3 hours

Power Hour

Running your own Facebook Ads but need a little bit of support? Fed up with googling the answer but just not getting anywhere?

Why not book in for a power hour? This is a 60-minute screen sharing session dedicated to your needs. Whether you want to know your way around ads manager or have a specific question around targeting or ad objectives, this is for you.  

Power Hour £145 for a single participant. 


One to One Coaching

Want to learn more about running Facebook ads and prefer a more formal training environment where we walk you through the stages of setting up, managing and critiquing an ad? We can offer personalised training. Depending on location this can be face to face or via a screen sharing session.

Coaching starts at £550 

Facebook Ad Audit

Running Facebook Ads but not sure if they are performing? Maybe you have someone else managing your ads and you are wondering if they are really working. With access to your ad account, we can deliver a simple audit explaining what is working well and what could be changed to improve performance. Don't be left in the dark wondering or worse, wasting your money unnecessarily, book an audit today.

Facebook Advertising Audit £300

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Lookalike Audiences
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Advertising types
Dynamic Product Ads
Social proofing for Facebook Ads
Interest based audiences
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