Welcome to OscarCharlie, a modern social media and marketing agency for businesses which want to connect with others and develop a wider audience.

We create modern marketing campaigns, be it digital or social media campaigns.
We train individuals and groups to run and measure their own campaigns.
We work directly with businesses of all sizes as well as agencies.
We measure the effectiveness of all our campaigns.

We specialise in social media and digital marketing. Our goal is to help market your business by creating a marketing strategy which is right for you. Every business is different and its social media and marketing strategy should be too.

Whatever business you are in, OscarCharlie brings a wealth of experience to deliver strategic marketing for you. Our founder has worked for over 20 years in business to business (B2B) product management and marketing for leading European blue chip telecoms and technology companies. Now she is sharing her knowledge and experience to help businesses get the best out of their marketing strategies and to really strengthen their social media presence.

We understand that you want to get on and do what you do best, manage your business!

That is why we are here to help with your marketing and social media needs. We keep up with all the latest marketing trends and social media tools, so you don't have to!

We use a number of strategies and tactics to ensure that we can get the right message to the right people on your behalf and really engage with your audience. Once we are working with you we will continually review and refine the strategy, recognising that one size does not fit all!

Your marketing strategy needs to be tailored to your goals.

Are you looking for brand awareness; an engaged audience; or conversions to your website? They all require different tactics.

Get in touch and let us explore what you need and how we can help you and your business grow.